The bells are very loud today

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Why the hell is he laughing? Could it mean he knows something?

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Then swear on your life... keep her safe.


When they knock you down, you’re gonna get back on your feet. [x]

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Video Game Protagonists: Leon Scott Kennedy (Resident Evil series)

Favorite Anime Openings/Endings 4/? 

↳ The World  (Death Note Opening 1)

He’s managed to solve every case he’s ever taken on.
And he’s tackled some of the greatest mysteries this world has ever known.
He hides in the shadows, but he is the best of the best.
Our last resort, our trump card.

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SnkMeme: T r i o

T h e  T i t a n  T r i o

SnK OVA & Sasha + badassery